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Veteran Discharge Upgrade Database

Upgrade.Vet is a searchable database of decisions from the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Boards for the Corrections of Military/Naval Records (BCMR) and the Discharge Review Boards (DRB). The files on this site were published by the DoD at the Boards of Review Reading Rooms.

Note: these files comprise the entire database of the DoD Reading Rooms as published in late 2015. As of this writing (January 2020), the DoD Reading Rooms have removed access to this information. The decisions are provided here as a convenience for veterans and their representatives who are seeking to understand the decisional history of the DoD BCMR and DRB boards. With few exceptions, each file has been converted from its original format into HTML to enable search and preview. Links to the original documents are provided. Please contact with any questions or issues.

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AF 35055 ARMY 102324 CG 1486 NAVY 56906

Summary Statistics
Document type Available for download Can search and preview Has auto-summary
TOTAL 195,470 195,427 (100.0%) 195,022 (99.8%)
doc 27,223 27,223 (100.0%) 27,140 (99.7%)
docx 1,481 1,481 (100.0%) 1,481 (100.0%)
pdf 32,900 32,886 (100.0%) 32,876 (99.9%)
rtf 47,376 47,372 (100.0%) 47,257 (99.7%)
txt 81,349 81,348 (100.0%) 81,152 (99.8%)