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CG | DRB | 2012 - Discharge Review Board (DRB) | 2012 060
Original file (2012 060.pdf) Auto-classification: Denied
DRB DOCKET 2012-060


TIS 1 yr, 5 months, 5 days
Policy Implications


The applicant was discharged under the legacy Personnel Manual Article 12-B-12 for Convenience Of The
Government due to substandard performance and attention deficit issues. Soon after graduating from boot camp
in 2007, he was assigned to a CG cutter. The command assessed the applicant’s performance and progress over
the first 6 months aboard. The applicant was placed on performance probation after not completing the basic
qualifications as a watch stander, river deck seaman and boat crew member. These duties were the standard
expectations of all non-rates aboard the vessel. The probation memo listed the specific future dates to become
fully qualified. Thereafter, the applicant was formally evaluated each month on the progress to reach the
desired performance expectations. From the summer of 2007 — early 2008, 6 consecutive probation evaluations
that indicated no improvement. The officer-in-charge referred the applicant to undergo a mental health
evaluation to determine if an underlying condition was interfering with performance. The applicant’s inept
skills had also become a safety concern in the workplace. The applicant was diagnosed with Attention

Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Insomnia by a military physician. The applicant was recommended as
unsuitable for continued military service due to those conditions.

Upon receiving notification of the discharge in 2008, the applicant objected to the discharge and was given an
opportunity to speak on their behalf. After two weeks had passed with no mitigating documentation received
from the applicant, the discharge recommendation was endorsed at the Sector level stating that nothing had
been received from the applicant. In the Spring of 2008, the applicant was officially Discharged.

The separation summary on record from EPM shows that the ‘Narrative Reason’ should read as ‘Condition,
Not A Disability’ vice Convenience Of the Gov’t. Per ALCOAST 562/08, the use “Convenience of
Government” or “Unsuitability” are not considered as narrative reasons from the Separation Program
Designator handbook. Therefore, a separation summary may list the aforementioned Personnel Manual’s 12-B-
12 with Convenience of the Government in the Article/law or Separation Authority, but it is not to be
substituted, or used synonymously in block 28 of the DD-214 as the Narrative Reason for Separation.

Propriety: Discharge was proper.

Equity: Discharge was equitable.

Final Adjudication by Assistant Commandant For Human Resources: Partial relief with the Narrative
Reason be amended to “Condition, Not A Disability’ in block 28 of the applicant’s DD214.

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