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CG | DRB | 2012 - Discharge Review Board (DRB) | 2012 042
Original file (2012 042.pdf) Auto-classification: Denied
DRB DOCKET 2012-042




RELIEF GRANTED Majority Vote (3-2). Honorable. RE-1. SPD code KHF. Failure to complete course
BY DRB of instruction. 12.B.12.


TIS 0 yrs, O months, 18 days
Policy Implications _ | None





EXECUTIVE SUMMARY:The applicant was discharged for Entry Level Separation in 2007.

Upon reporting to boot camp, the applicant told the company commander at the forming unit “I shouldn’t be in
training.” The applicant expressed that their mother had not approved of enlisting in the Coast Guard at the
time of signing the contract. The applicant’s parents were divorced and the mother relied heavily on the
applicant to assist in the caring for her and other siblings. Upon arriving at Boot Camp, the applicant began to
fully realize the impact that the cancer was taking on the mother.

Majority Board Opinion (3-2): The Majority Board finds that the applicant firmly demonstrated that the
stressful situation that lead to his discharge, no longer exists. ‘

Due to the extreme circumstances surrounding the applicant's otherwise exemplary record-- this traumatic
period should have resulted in the ‘Failure to complete a course of Instruction’. The applicant has had no
official diagnosis of mental health issues at any point. The Minority Board opinion on the applicant’s
disqualifying mental health condition was not supported in the Narrative Reason for Separation. The Board
notes that his Narrative Reason (NR) for Separation was for an ‘Entry Level Separation’. Amending the NR to
‘Failure to Complete Course of Instruction’ would synonymously and more aptly represent the events
surrounding the applicant at the time of separation. In short, the applicant asks that returning home to care for

the mother in her final days not serve as permanent barrier in pursuing employment and professional goals in
the service.

Minority Board Opinion (2-3): The Minority Board acknowledges the Applicant’s potential aptitude for
future service; however, the applicant has not substantiated that the adjustment disorder was resolved as
required by competent medical authority as a condition for reentry to military service. The Majority Board
accepts the applicant’s assertions of being denied civilian employment based on the RE3 code. However, there
is nothing to support these assertions. Acceptance of the Majority Board opinion would represent a deviation

from existing policy and establish a precedent of utilizing the DRB to skirt existing recruiting policies for
reentry into the Armed Forces.

General Law’s Review (CG-0944): Concurs with the Minority Board for NO relief. Stand as issued.

Final Adjudication by Assistant Commandant For Human Resources: No relief.

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